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Mashatu Game Reserve

Mashatu Game Reserve is located on the eastern edge of Botswana and covers 75,000 acres of savannah, riverine forested wetlands, open plains and sandstone cliffs. Mashatu, meaning “Land of Giants,” takes its name from the local Mashatu tree. These magnificent dark green trees, which are found along the rivers in the reserve, provide refuge, shade and food to countless wildlife.

Because of the reserve’s diverse landscapes, Mashatu enjoys an ecological biodiversity uncommon in other game reserves. Mashatu is home to over 350 bird species, including Botswana’s national bird, the enchanting lilac-breasted roller. Three members of the Big Five – the leopard, lion and more than 700 elephants – can be found on the reserve and are complemented by lesser-known, interesting species including the aardwolf, bat-eared fox, African wildcat, honey badger, spotted hyena and the black-backed jackal.