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Africa Weather

Africa safaris are available in two major regions, the southern region, including Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia, and the eastern region, including Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

In the southern region, winters (May through August) are typically dry and sunny. Temperatures during the day range from cool in the southern part of the region to warm in the northern part of the region. Temperatures at night can get quite cold, especially along the coast. While most of the region experiences the dry season during the winter months, Cape Town and the surrounding areas in South Africa are wet during this time. Summers in the southern region (October through March) are hot and sunny. Botswana and Zambia experience a rainy season from November through March. Namibia's rainy season is a bit shorter, from February through March. Coastal areas are generally dry during the summer.

The climate in the eastern region is temperate to tropical. Daytime temperatures are generally warm to hot year-round, and nighttime temperatures are cool. The "long rainy season" lasts from April through May, and the "short rainy season" lasts from October through December.

While safaris are available year-round, the best time for game viewing is during the dry winter season (May through August). This is when vegetation becomes sparse and thinned out, providing less-obstructed views of the animals. Also, animal populations are concentrated at rivers, pools and other water sources. Bird-watching is generally better during the rainy season, though travel to the best viewing areas can be difficult during this time if roads become impassable due to the poor conditions.

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